Our project management service, based in Brighton & Hove, is available to make your life easier – let’s face it, construction on build and renovation projects is complex,  full of uncertainty, and at times extremely stressful. We are keen to ensure the designs are executed to a high quality standard, and we continue this attitude throughout the project management phase.

With our project management service we can handle all of the stress of the build for you; we put a construction team together for you and manage them, we help source all the materials ensuring you are getting the best quality products for your project, and we liaise with all other professional bodies (Building Control, structural engineers, etc).

We have a pool of talented and resourceful trades people who understand the high standards of installation we expect on all our projects. We vet all of our recommended installers prior to engagement by checking references, inspecting previous works and inspecting insurance details. This way we can be confident that your team is appropriately skilled for the job at hand.

Alternatively, we are happy to include trades people that you may have worked with in the past in the construction team. We ensure you are getting a fair price for the skillset employed. We remove the logistical management of your build from the trades people. This means that they can get on with what they are great at (installing), and we can support them with what we are great at (managing).

We aim to deliver a trades team to commence work in as little as four weeks from agreement to the final design, meaning that we can ensure your wait for delivery of the construction phase of your project is limited.

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