We have great experience of garden rooms & landscape design projects for commercial/live-work usage, for habitation, and for recreational usage. We also have a great working knowledge of living walls and roof systems.

Whether you wish to work from home with the added benefit of not being inside your home, or you require a guest facility, home gym or kids den, a garden room is always a great way to make use of available garden space.

We recognise the importance of good landscape design and the positive impact your outside space, however big or small, can have on the wellbeing of your home. We are always happy to get involved with designing outdoor spaces.

We are well aware of the huge benefits that green spaces bring to our physical and emotional well-being, so opportunities to enhance you home with outdoor design work is hugely satisfying for us as well as you. With a thorough understanding of the science of Biophillic design, with us handling your indoor-outdoor project, you can be confident that you’ll get the very best level of service.

To discuss your project requirements and how we can assist you with realising your plans, please get in touch by calling us at the office on mobile 07961363784 to arrange a meeting. You can email your enquiry if you prefer.