Basement conversions are one of the more complex developments to undertake within a property. To design them requires specialist knowledge  to ensure you get the most suitable solution for your basement conversion. We have such expertise and we are happy to discuss your project with you.

Whether you wish to create additional living space, require a home office solution, or you need more recreational space such as home gyms, saunas and steam room, basement conversions are a great way to achieve this whilst also adding significant value to your property.

Basement conversions are an ideal way of extending homes that have already been maximised with loft conversions and extensions. Sometimes properties already have cellar areas that require damp coursing and tanking, whilst other projects require significant excavations and underpinning solutions.

Please get in touch with us to arrange a meeting to discuss your project. Then we can proceed with a feasibility study. You can call us at  mobile 07961363784 to arrange a meeting at the office or you can email your enquiry if you prefer.



In addition the technical difficulties that basement conversions present, there is also the challenge of introducing natural light. Natural light input to habitable spaces is of great importance and will have a hugely beneficial impact upon your project. Wherever it is possible we will look to design in clever introductions of natural light to ensure your space becomes comfortable and inviting.